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Our Clientele

Where Learning Meets Technology

Whether you need a gamified elearning platform, or a story-based module to enrich your content, bespoke or customized courses, Unikrew elearning is driven by passion to fulfil your learning needs.

LMS Hosting

Whether on-site or cloud-based, we ensure the infrastructure fits your needs. We design a package to meet the specific demands of your platform, ensuring high levels of reliability and availability. Read More

eLearning Content development

No LMS is complete without well-designed, engaging, and relevant content. Off-the-shelf eLearning modules and customized modules to meet your needs. Read More


The twist of gamification in our eLearning modules challenges and empowers the learners. It serves as the motivating agent for the audience, who strive to achieve all the milestones. Read More

Learning Through Storytelling

We use the power of storytelling to accentuate the experience of eLearning, and as a tool to build relations with the learner. Even without any human interaction. Read More

Trainer Led

Our trainer-led eLearning offers an enriching personalized experience, where every individual is learning at their pace, with facilitation through virtual guides. Read More

Language Profiler

Language barrier should never hinder learning. Language selection option promotes inclusion of people for whom English language is difficult to understand. Read More

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